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What is your minimum order quantity?

We are able to manufacture and supply varying sizes of custom products which have different minimum order quantity, while for standard products and sizes, there is no minimum order quantity. 

Can you produce samples and drawing?

Sampling/prototyping along with drafting is charged according to accessibility if an order or purchase is not closed. For closed orders, we are happy to provide free samples, excluded from the actual lead time.

How long do samples take to produce?

It is usually expected to take about 15 to 20 days to produce sample(s) or prototype(s) upon confirmation of each purchase for custom products. Because there is a full set of processes involved in sampling or prototyping, including drafting and molding etc., sampling/prototyping often takes as much time as mass production.

Can you produce items not shown on your wbsite?

With respect to confidentiality and business integrity, any customized products will not be shown or demonstrated on our website immediately. Only against prior customers’ approval will any personalized products be shown to new customer(s) who are also not allowed to disclose, copy or transmit any related materials, including hand drawings, CAD files or photographs under any circumstance. Unless otherwise stated, customized products or projects will be shown online in a year upon completion. 

What is the lead time for bulk manufacturing?

Because size and quantity vary in most customized products, please contact us at info@fsxiangyue.net for more information.

What materials do you use to produce items and are they ethically sourced?​​​​​​​

The most commonly-used material in our products is Type 304 stainless steel, containing both of chromium (8%) and nickel (17%) with a higher corrosion resistance. However, there are still possible risks of corrosion if any 304 stainless steel product is installed in an excessively acidic or alkaline environment. If any need arises, 316L stainless steel will be the substitute, containing both of chromium (10%) and nickel (17%) with a much higher corrosion resistance. Ideally, 316L stainless steel products are the safest and most eye-catching products by or on the sea. we will discuss with you the best solution for your order

Which courier service delivers orders?


A selection of fully tracked and insured courier services are available and selected to best suit your shipping requirements. According to your order ,we will discuss with you the best solution for your order, By sea , By plane or By express

Are there any import duties I should know about?

Some products incur an import duty which differs according to the country Of delivery, product  type and cost. We are happy to discuss with You any import duties which you may incur upon delivery and will endeavour to answer any questions you may have regarding the import of good.

Is my intellectual Property protected?


All discussions between us and our clients are completely confidential and we are happy to adhere to your requirements with regards to intellectual property and privacy. We never share your designs with other clients and treat each customer individually. Please see our terms and conditions and Privacy policy for more information or contact us if you have any further questions.

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