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Sandblasted Fountain for Garden

Sandblasted Fountain for Garden

Mirror Polishing, Brushing, Plating, Painting
304/316 Staininless Steel
Process: will offer the pipe and the base plate, and the pipe and plate size are customized

Stainless Steel Sculptures:


Stainless steel sandblasted spheres should be handled with care and preserved or displayed in dry environment from salty and humid coastal areas.

Please note that the larger the sphere is, the more detailed the world map will appear on it. If you have specific requirements over certain place of the map, please inform us before manufacturing.


How to fabricate a stainless steel world map globe?

1. Custom Stainless Steel Globes/Spheres are specifically made based on our clients’ demand. We will start manufacturing process after sufficient communication with customers and will ship and deliver after acceptance and proof by them.

2. Our stainless steel sculptures are made in Guangdong, China. Customers could examine and approve the sculptures on site at their own cost.


3. Stainless steel is the most popular material due to corrosion resistance, including humidity and wind etc. It is also because stainless steel is stable and capable of withstanding stress, remaining unharmed afterwards.


4. A globe/sphere will be shipped inside a strong wooden case with buffering tyre on the bottom and plastic bag and foam around.

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