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Mirror Gazing Lamp

Mirror Gazing Lamp

Mirror Polishing, Brushing, Plating, Painting
304/316 Staininless Steel

Mustknow of Stainless Steel Products:


Stainless steel products are supposed to be cared regularly. To keep them as new as always, they could be cleaned with soft detergents and water. Stainless steel items shall be preserved or displayed in dry environment from salty and humid coastal areas.


To keep stainless steel items clean on the surface, we are not supposed to touch them directly. By following these instructions, there will no oil or fingerprints on the surface that might do any harm. Although stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water as other steels or metals do, it is not safe and enduring in salty and humid environments


To minimize scratch, they shall be handled with care and caution. Keep sharp and pointed-edged items away from these products. A bright clean finish can be prolonged by rubbing with microcrystal wax after cleaning off.


How to fabricate stainless steel sculptures?

1. Custom Stainless Steel Sculptures are specifically made based on our clients’ demand. Meanwhile, aluminum, brass, copper or bronze are all available according to your requirements.

2. Our stainless steel sculptures are made in China with superior craftsmanship. Usually, minimum order quantity for stainless steel sculpture is only a piece, but if you are after smaller sizes less then 1m, we will ask more for a single order.


3. Stainless steel sculptures are mostly prefered due to corrosion resistance, including humidity and wind etc. It is also because stainless steel is stable and capable of withstanding stress, remaining unharmed afterwards; it is almost impeccable and surpassed by none.


4. Our stainless steel sculptures often come as a whole, so that you do not need to assemble it by yourself on site. Even though for some large sizes, they will be prepared and arranged, if necessary, in such a manner that you could restore it to their original shape and size easily.




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