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Stainless Steel Color Eggs

Stainless Steel Color Eggs

Plating, Painting
304/316 Staininless Steel

Stainless Steel Color Eggs

Stainless steel is adaptable and could be made into all kinds of shapes. Other than egg, we are able to produce animals, plants and other objects, including trees, birds, penguins, water drops and figures etc.

  How to make a stainless steel egg?


Step 1: Make a mold.


After an order is confirmed, we will begin the procedure of molding. Based on the complexity of it, there are various types of molds available, including clay, plastic and foam etc. However, as to stainless steel eggs, we will usually use foam to make a mold, since it is more resilient.





Step 2: Prepare stainless steel sheet.


To make a stainless steel ball, we should first calculate stainless steel sheet that is required for eggs. By using the mold in the Step 1, the stainless steel sheet will be cut and bent to the shape of an egg by parts which will be welded then. Eventually, we will have a stainless steel egg.





Step 3: Use a hammer


After the previous procedure, what we have is only a welded stainless steel egg. With a hammer, professionals slowly and patiently hit on it so that it could gradually be as identical as the shape of the mold.





Step 4: Polish


After hammering, it will be polished for several times and cleaned by using polishing machine and polishing wax, but most importantly efforts from professional workers.





Step 5: Plating.


At last, because a stainless steel egg will be plated inside a processing tank with paint, it is therefore drilled with one or two holes and hung inside the tank. It will be plated and dried after.








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